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State of Utah DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE DIVISION OF CONSUMER PROTECTION NOTICE OF EXEMPTION pursuant to the BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY DISCLOSURE ACT OFFICE USE ONLY Permit Number Date Issued Date Expires Annual Notice of Exemption fee 100. Please return the completed notice of exemption form and fee to Department of Commerce Division of Consumer Protection 160 East 300 South SM Box 146704 Salt Lake City Utah 84114-6704 COMPLETE REVERSE SIDE SIGNATURE REQUIRED May2001 The applicant submits this form...
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Another one of the link lines boss has commented to us that he's the worst kind of this quote mr. Klein is the worst kind of loose cannon he's often going after someone who's offended him regardless of the law he's really only effective if someone with very strong supervisory skills watches his every move and again it naturally leads to the question how in the world did climb get there and are the citizens of Utah willing to pay attention to what's going on when miss Jionni says there's no one better I think Security's in Utah secure securities attorneys in Utah should be alarmed they should be offended I know many competent securities attorneys who are better and you could do the I mean all you have to do is ask him ten questions but the other reason they should be alarmed is because miss Jionni is still the executive director of the Department of Commerce and she'll likely pick another way inclined to run the division and so I think it's time that we hold her to a higher standard you know pick somebody who's going to be in charge of that division who actually knows securities laws first of all and secondly who has a reputation for being fair because remember business owners are citizens entitled to equal protection under the law just like consumers are in America hit least you know not in Hugo Chavez's Venezuela but in the United States of America businessman our citizens to and I in Rand famously observed that statement that a businessman has no way of knowing in advance whether what he's doing is against the law until after a judges verdict and that's the problem with people like this sources tell us that miss Jionni may already be vying for her position or for a position back at utah's local channel 2 KUTV alongside consumer watchdog bill get part and if that's true it's likely that Miss Chiana can serve the people of Utah better there because I think there's a role for Investigative kind of consumer watchdog journalists but the problem is when the governor invest you with power to be a teacher and investigator a judge and a jury over behavior of businessmen you've got a higher standard than a normal investigative journalist unless you think that my statement here and exaggeration want you to consider let me quote from the the paper again this is from The Salt Lake Tribune concerned about the state's handling of the first Western case that's the Gary Tran case I referenced earlier and after hearing from several division staff members who expressed concern about how the agency was being run okay this isn't talk radio people expressing concern these are people who work for Francine Giani okay um representative Jim bird of west jordan late last year requested a legislative audit from the Auditor General's Office in the legislature and bird has also introduced legislation that would rein in quote rain in the powers of the divisions director you see this is a big deal I don't know why it's not getting more coverage than it is and this attempt to...